Welcome to Grade 5 at QISS!

Mr. Zawisa and Mr. Jay Invite You to Watch Grade 5 Soar to New Mindful Heights!

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to teach these incredible kids for 5th grade. It was clear from the very first day how motivated and alive these kids are. There’s a clear drive to learn, create, and innovate this year.

Our curriculum here in Qingdao mirrors the US 5th grade, although we often meet kids at more advanced levels. We teach a balanced liberal arts education encompassing Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and specials (Music, Art, PE, & Chinese). Our emphasis as teachers is mindfulness. Through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness we are teaching the kids techniques to have greater awareness, concentration, and flow.

It’s not where our students start, but rather where they finish. In Grade 5, we are inspired by the growth mindset. Like nature, our brains are designed to constantly expand. We believe in the potential of all 5th grade students.


Mr. Zawisa and Mr. Jay